Why Victor Frankenstein Could Be A Great Take On A Classic Story

by on 04/10/2015

It seems that in our day and age it’s hard to find a new take on an old story. Hollywood today is full of reboots and remakes and pseudo-sequels that honestly add nothing to the story, going more for action or violence rather than story.

Classic stories are always hard to shine new light on, mainly because  there have been numerous renditions over the years. Take for instance the classic horror story Frankenstein. The book that once sent people screaming from their rooms (seriously, noted authors have done this) is now a mainstay in our society, and one that has been told so often that you’d be surprised to hear it scared anyone at all.

Movies have gone very far in trying to put their own twist on the classic tale. Some have been straightforward re-imaginings, some have been epic comedies (Young Frankenstein!), some have put more of an action vibe into it (I, Frankenstein, Van Helsing, etc), results have been mixed. However, a truly new take may just be what the story needs to be seen in a whole new life.

The upcoming movie Victor Frankenstein, which will star Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy, will see the classic formula turned on its head, as it’ll instead focus on Igor’s perspective, and not Victor Frankenstein’s.

Why does this make it interesting? Well many movies have either depicted Igor as a loyal assistant with no real personality (see: “Yes master”), or an idiot (see: Young Frankenstein), or frankly just there for the ride. With this movie though, they could give a more in depth look at the man who helped bring a true monster to life, two monsters to life if you really think about it.

What was his journey from then to now? What were his thoughts about what his “master” was doing? How did he help bring the process, and by extension the monster, to reality? Was he truly just an assistant? Or was he something more?

These questions could bring a new level of insight to not only the character, but to the story itself. Not to mention the fact that the interactions between Igor and Victor Frankenstein will be something to behold, as we’ve been told they’ll not only be serious, but funny. That’s not to say there won’t be scares in this film, as it is a Frankenstein story that doesn’t have Gene Wilder (love Young Frankenstein for the record). It could be that this take will show the horror that Igor felt when he first saw the monster.

Whatever may happen, this new take on the story is at the very least intriguing. Despite what people may tell you, small changes can honestly make a big difference on a story. Going from the perspective of the man you already know about, to the one you know little about, is one way of doing so.

What will the fate be of Victor Frankenstein? We’ll find out through Igor’s eyes…

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