Xbox 360 Titanfall Gets Game Update Six

by on 09/26/2014

Xbox 360 owners may have to wait a while for the IMC Rising DLC that came to Xbox One and PC Thursday, but they still have some new things to play with.
Game update six is out now for Xbox 360. The 360 version, developed by Bluepoint Games, gets updates later than the Xbox One and PC version developed by Respawn Entertainment because Bluepoint has to port them to the 360 version.
The update includes a new Featured Game Mode, Pilot Skirmish, that allows players to engage in 8-vs-8 pilot battles without bots or Titans.
Marked for Death, game mode that was introduced as a previous Featured Game Mode, gets a permanent slot in this update. Marked for Death is a lethal version of “It” in which one player on each team becomes the marked target and must be defended by their side and hunted down by the opposition.
Other features added in game update six include: some modes to make screen information easier to understand for colorblind pilots (kudos to Respawn for adding this feature); the ability to buy individual Burn Cards on the Black Market introduced in update five; a new rare burn card called Roll The Dice that lets you tap your whole deck during a match (I guess the “I Win Card” was too on the nose); a Burn Card Autofill for those that sometimes forget to add cards; and no more penalties for joining matches late. If you join after the halfway point of the match you get the win if you win, you don’t take the loss if you lose.
The update will also include a number of optimizations, gameplay tweaks, and bugfixes. You can read it all here.

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