XBox One Gains Backwards Compatibility With 360

by on 06/15/2015

As consoles have become infinitely more complicated and complex, backwards compatibility is one of those features that has had to be left by the wayside (in favor of “remastering” games that were just sold two years ago and selling them again on the new system, $$ka-ching$$!)
Sony’s solution was Playstation Now, a streaming service that beams older games to you from the cloud for a set fee per month. This morning at Microsoft’s E3 conference we found out what the solution will be on the XBox One…..pretty much the same solution that was on 360; specific emulation that will allow the most popular and demanded 360 titles to run on XBox One.
The big difference between the two, obviously, is that one is charging for backwards compatibility and the other is not. So on that note, Microsoft couldn’t resist taking a dig at Sony: “We won’t be charging you for games you already own.” You can consider this payback for Sony’s scathing “this is how you share games on PS4” video a couple years back, though MS left themselves wide open for that one.
When the service launches, around 100 games will be supported. The full list of BC titles has not been announced, but from the titles floating in the background as the rep spoke, we at least know Mass Effect is one. And both Rayman games.

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