XBox One's New Update Lets You Buy 360 Games

by on 03/23/2016

The XBox One’s new backwards compatibility feature is pretty keen, but what if you don’t own one of those old discs and don’t feel like hunting around the used game bins to find one? Today that problem was solved: Microsoft introduced a new firmware update to their console that will let consumers buy XBox 360 games digitally.
It wasn’t hard to do. The One’s BC features work by downloading the original game and running it from an emulator. The disc’s content isn’t actually used, but the physical item itself is needed as a trigger to prove you own the game (or are at least borrowing it). This cuts out the middleman and simply runs the game.
The new firmware update does more than just expand backwards compatibility: it makes party chats with up to 16 people possible! Plus these things:

  • Broadcast Party Chat while using the Twitch app
  • Output your Party Chat to headset and speakers simultaneously
  • Customizable Game DVR recording length
  • Achievements added to Xbox One guide
  • Video playback directly in the Xbox One Activity Feed
  • Improved thumbstick precision on Xbox Elite controller

Users who are in the XBox Preview Program have already been messing with these features via testing, but they’re now finished and open for everyone.

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