You'll Level Up When You Install The Taken King….But By How Much?

by on 08/19/2015

Here’s the deal. Previously, the level cap in Destiny maxed out at 20. Once you hit 20, the only other sign of progression in the game as you continued to play was your light level, which could be increased by gathering powerful armor.
You may know by now that once The Taken King hits, most weapons and armor will be rendered obsolete by a new wave of collectibles. Knowing this may tempt you to remove what you have on your character prior to installing The Taken King, but….don’t be so quick. If you reached Level 20 and you have armor or weapons that increased your light level, having those items equipped will be calculated by the new install and you may get an instant level boost.
There’s a second method of level-boosting in The Taken King as well. Everyone who purchases a copy will get an in-game item called the Spark of Light that, when applied to a lower-level character (one that hasn’t hit the limit), will immediately raise their level to 25, and equip the appropriate items to boot. You’ll be able to get the Spark of Light at the Postmaster.
Other improvements will also be added to the game. You will now be able to take on up to 16 bounties at once (the old limit was 10). You can track four of those bounties at once in your HUD. An entirely new feature will be quests, and players will be able to take on up to 36 of them.
The Taken King comes out on September 15 for current-gen and last-gen consoles.
[Source: IGN]

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