YouTube Launches Screampix For Horror Fans

by on 05/15/2013

screampix - YouTube Launches Screampix For Horror Fans

Screampix is YouTube’s latest addition that will satisfy horror fans from all around. This new paid subscription channel, which launched on Wednesday, will cost fans of the genre $2.99 to become subscribers.

This new channel, which is part of a new line of subscription channels, will feature footage, trailers, interviews, and a whole lot more.

According to The Wrap, the channel has over 200 hours of video entertainment to check out and that there will be more content on the way.

screampix youtube - YouTube Launches Screampix For Horror Fans

If you want to check out the new channel be sure to head over to YouTube, but remember, there is a monthly fee of $2.99. However, they are offering a free 14 day trial for you to try it out and to see if its something that you really like.

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