Z Nation Now On Netflix

by on 01/09/2015

Today is the day The Asylum and Syfy’s cheesy, schlocky, but somehow really fun entry in the zombie series stakes was scheduled to hit Netflix streaming.  A quick check shows that is indeed there for your binge watching pleasure.

We were extremely skeptical when we heard about low-budget show, where Washington state stands in for the entire United States, the makeup is done on a shoestring and extras chew the scenery. But the first 13 episodes in season one were pleasantly surprising. With the stakes relatively low Z Nation seems to feels no obligation to be serious or conform to expectations, so it can go in audacious and sometimes bizarre directions that are a breath of fresh air in the zombie genre.

No, it is not The Walking Dead. We would have hated it if it had tried to be. It carves its own path, and if you have a certain tolerance for cheese it’s one worth following. Besides, it’s Netflix, what have you got to lose?

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