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blooper movie..

Discussion in 'Call of Duty & FPS News and Discussion' started by MERCURYSB3, Mar 12, 2015.


    MERCURYSB3 Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2013
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    today first time ever watched one of my games on theater mode no wonder i suck at this game.
    can not count how many times i would run down firing lane in the middle and then get shot.
    i was thinking i was against a wall but not really then how many times i would crouch and still be a big target.
    there is a mode that i can get above the map and see just how bad i am.the cool part is the surrounding area of the maps there is a wide open field behind the radio station in i did this in MW3 just wondering if you all ever did this:rapture::rapture::rapture:

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