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Modern Warfare 3 MW3, Blackops ?

Discussion in 'Modern Warfare 3' started by MERCURYSB3, Apr 18, 2014.


    MERCURYSB3 Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2013
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    i think i played MW3s Blackops maybe about a couple of minutes. well last two nights i went on the live game.
    just to see what this game was, it took awhile to get a game maybe because i have a very low rank number. but what really supprized me is the amount of players who play this.and what made this so cool is now i know the weapons and the maps so did ok.was in a game last night and my team mate no doubt knew this game and we made it to level 27. if anyone here played this got question, does the game keep putting in different attact modes or can you win the game and move on to a different map?is there a limit on levels on the maps or no?:yo::yo:

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