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My original fiction

Discussion in 'Creative Art' started by LadyGrimes, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. LadyGrimes

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    Aug 11, 2014
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    Creating this thread for later use when I'm finished and ready to post some of my non zombie original fiction.
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  2. LadyGrimes

    LadyGrimes Well-Known Member

    Aug 11, 2014
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    Spaceman Chapter 1 part 1

    This is the first chapter of a project titled "Spaceman" It is a prequel of sorts to another project I'm also working on.


    The Triumvirate

    It begins as three mysterious figures gather around a large holographic display on the floor of their alien vessel. They watch in silence as it activates. A sudden flash of red light illuminates the room and their faces, revealing the image of a planet. It is the planet Earth.

    “Once more we return to this vile star.” The tallest figure spoke as he made a fist with a gloved hand. “Only now we return to seek out and destroy the traitor.”

    “Could it really be true? The female figure asked. “Is he still alive after all this time?”

    “He’s not alive but his bloodline is,” the tall figure corrected her. “That fool went into hiding instead of carrying on in his father’s place. He knew then we’d come for him, and I’m certain now, he is aware of his impending doom."

    “But, what of our banishment, my lord?” The third figure questioned. “Do you believe the humans are waiting for us to return?”

    “The old world fell,” the tall figure’s voice boomed as he glared at the display. “This is a new world, and we exist only in legend. The humans may have forgotten us, but we haven’t forgotten them.”

    On a cool summer night in the year 1926, the small town of Bellflower is restless as people are out wandering about, making their way to the nearest speakeasy to have a drink. Amongst them are two men dressed in business attire heading down a nearby alley where they are greeted at the back door entrance of an old diner.

    “What’s the password?” The burly man behind the door asks.

    “C’mon, we don’t have time for that, Mitch,” one of the men replied. “Emory and I have some important business to catch up on. Couldn’t you just forget the damn password, just this once?”

    Aw hell, Rueben,” Mitch chuckled as he opened the door. “You know I was just messing with ya. Come on in you two, good to see you!”
    “Likewise,” Rueben replied with a handshake. “Are you sure you’re not sloshed? I can smell the whiskey on your breath, my friend.
    “Not yet, but I’m getting there!” Mitch laughed as he slapped Rueben on the back.

    “Ouch!” Rueben winced. Easy there, big fella. You just about knocked me over.

    “Sorry about that, I’ll be more careful next time!”

    “The big lug doesn’t know his own strength,” Rueben commented as he and Emory seated themselves at a table.
    Rueben picked up the menu and began looking through it. “Probably a little too late for dinner, isn’t it?” He joked.

    “Never too late for anything,” Emory replied as he began browsing the menu himself. “I’ll have you know, that I finished my most recent design for the Chicago tower. I think the mayor will be quite pleased with it.”

    “Well, congratulations,” Rueben praised as his green eyes lit up with excitement. “Do you have any plans for celebrating?

    “Well I thought we could celebrate now,” Emory replied smoothing out the wrinkles of his dark blue crepe de chine.

    “But without the little lady?” Rueben remarked. “I thought you two were inseparable?”

    “Marceline didn’t feel like coming out tonight,” Emory replied. “What about Hortensia? I thought she was a woman of the night?”
    Rueben chortled. “That, she is.” He grinned. “But she wanted to stay behind tonight to play poker with the gals.”

    “Oh that’s right, you’re the one who married a gambler,” Emory teased. “Good thing you don’t let her near your money, or else you’d be broke.”

    “Now wouldn’t that be something?” Rueben joked. “Why, I’d be a broke broker.

    The two men suddenly burst with laughter when a waitress finally approached their table.

    “You two must be the life of the party here,” she remarked. “So what’ll be?”

    Rueben looked through the menu again as if he had forgotten what he decided on before.

    “Tell me it isn’t too late for steak?” He asked her.

    “No of course not,” she replied. “How would you like it?”

    “Let’s make it, medium well,” he replied.

    “What about you?” She looked at Emory.

    “I’ll have shepherd’s pie, thank you.” Emory responded with his head buried in the menu. “And I’d like that with a side of slaw, please.”

    “And what can I get you two to drink?” She asked.

    “A bottle of your finest,” Rueben answered with a smile. “After all, this is a celebration.”

    “Coming right up,” the waitress replied then walked off.

    “What?” Rueben asked as he noticed the stern look on Emory’s face.

    “You’re not planning on getting drunk again, are you? He asked.

    Rueben laughed. “No, but of course not. Why do you ask?”

    “No reason at all,” Emory backpedaled.

    Not long after the two men had eaten their late dinner and had a few drinks, Emory was ready to call it a night and head home. Only, Rueben, now drunk as ever, insisted they stay a while longer.

    “Sun isn’t up yet,” Rueben’s voice slurred. “The bottle isn’t even empty, let’s finish it!”

    “Well here we are again,” Emory pointed out. “So much for remaining sober.”

    As Rueben attempted to pour more wine into his glass, Emory yanked it out of his hand, causing the wine to spill onto the table staining the tablecloth red.

    “No more, my friend you’ve had enough,” Emory sighed. “Your wife must be worried sick about you by now. Come on, I’ll drive you home.”

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  3. LadyGrimes

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    Aug 11, 2014
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    It was about a quarter to midnight when Emory pulled in Rueben’s driveway in his dark green 1926 Rolls Royce. He could see Rueben’s wife standing on the porch dressed in a white silken robe with her long wavy black hair pulled back into a knot at the nape of her neck. Her face was pale and she looked quite panicked over the sight of a lifeless looking Rueben sitting in the passenger seat of the car.

    “It’s alright, Mrs. Burnell,” Emory announced as he stepped out of the vehicle. “Your husband is fine. Just had a little too much to drink, that’s all."

    Hortensia hurried over to greet her disoriented husband as he struggled to stand. “You’re a damn fool,” she said angrily as she embraced him tightly. “I was worried sick about you!”

    “Don’t be angry with him,” Emory plead. “He stayed out late for me, I asked him to.”

    Hortensia sighed and shook her head. “You’re always trying to bail him out of trouble.”

    “Well that’s what good friends are for,” Emory nodded as he headed back to his car.“Goodnight to you both.”During the peaceful drive back home, Emory suddenly spotted something strange in the night sky. It appeared to be some kind of saucer shaped craft with glaring red lights hovering high above the town. Unsure of what it was he was seeing, Emory quickly pulled over to the side of the road to get a better look at it. Whatever it was it didn’t make single sound and it was the strangest thing he’d ever seen before. Well now this is curious, he thought as he watched the object in astonishment, wondering what it could be. He continued observing the object for about two minutes until it suddenly disappeared without a trace. How odd, he noted as he resumed his drive home wondering if he would see it again.

    As he pulled into the driveway, he noticed a light coming from the kitchen window. He parked the car and got out but surveyed the sky one last time but he saw nothing. He walked up the porch steps of his lovely two-story Victorian home with its pastel green siding and white trim. As he walked through the front door he saw his wife standing before him with her arms crossed and a worried expression. He knew he had some explaining to do.

    “Why are you home so late, dear?” She demanded to know.

    “Rueben and I were out having dinner and some drinks,” he answered nonchalantly as he removed his coat. “Why are you still awake? I thought you’d be asleep at this hour.”

    “I couldn’t sleep,” she answered wearily. “Too concerned over making my deadline and Evan’s schooling.”

    “Evan’s schooling?” Emory’s head shot up. “What in the world is it this time?”

    Marceline took his coat from him and hung it up. “He’s not fitting in so well with the other children as he would like to,” she explained.

    “Is that all?” Emory asked.

    “And I found this in his room,” Marceline said angrily as she pulled out a bottle of whiskey. He was planning on bringing this to school just to impress the other kids.”

    Emory sighed as he began heading for his study. “I’ll have a talk with him about this tomorrow morning,”

    “I would also recommend putting a lock on your liquor cabinet as well,” Marceline insisted.

    Emory closed the door behind him and took a seat at his desk. It was littered with papers, drawings, and books on architecture and mythology. He lit a cigar and popped it in his mouth as he picked up a pencil and began drawing a quick outline of what he’d seen earlier when all of sudden, he heard the sound of the door creak. Startled, he quickly turned his head and saw Marceline standing in the doorway with a cup of tea in her hands.

    “I thought you could use a warm drink,” she said as she walked over and set it down on the desk.

    “Thank you, darling,” Emory puffed on the cigar as he looked up at her. “You should go back to bed now. No need to worry about our son, I’ll handle it.”

    “I can’t help but worry,” She replied as she suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tight. “I’ve got a son who hardly ever sees his father, even though he’s right in the next room, and a husband who seems to be in another world most of the time.”

    Emory gently caressed her hand. “I’m just trying to give you both the life you deserve. My designs are the only thing that puts food on the table, Marceline. I’d like to spend more time with both of you, but I can’t neglect my work.”

    “I love you, Emory,” Marceline said as she pressed her face against his. “I just wish things could go back to the way they were. Just like the day we first met. Don’t you remember that day?” She nudged.

    “1911 was a good year, wasn’t it?” Emory recalled. “I was a starving artist back then, unsure of where my life was heading, and then as destiny would have it, I met you. I saw you there sitting on the beach with your canvas and paints, and I knew I wasn’t alone. I remember feeling so inspired that day, I couldn’t stop drawing.”

    “It was love at first sight for me too,” she said dreamily. “Even though I found you very strange at first, but still I just had to paint your portrait. You made such s fuss over it too.”

    “I eventually caved in,” Emory admitted he glanced up at the acrylic mess of a portrait hanging on the wall beside the window.

    Marceline looked at it too. “Not quite a Michelangelo,” she teased.

    “More along the lines of a Picasso,” Emory teased back. “Still, it brightens this room with all those vivid colors.”

    Marceline smiled as she wiped the tears from her big blue eyes, and then she noticed the sketch in front of him. “What is that you’re drawing now?”

    Emory looked down at it too. “I don’t know,” he answered. “Just something that came to mind I guess.”

    “Well I think it’s very unique,” she smiled as she kissed him on the cheek before leaving.

    “I’m going back to bed now,” she stopped and looked back at him. “Do try to get some rest yourself. Tomorrow is another day.”
    “I’ll try,” he answered back as he resumed drawing. “Good night, darling.”

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  4. IncognitoForever

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    Nov 5, 2014
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    Cool stuff girl, didn't know you were such a prolific writer.
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  5. LadyGrimes

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    Aug 11, 2014
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    I completely forgot about this side story @Taeyeon'sBF this is the real Atlantech prequel, so after I finish with Chapter 29 I may come back and revive this story!

    Also the sons' name being Evan is strictly a coincidence! I wrote this before we became friends.
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