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Black Ops 2 Clans WeDP Gaming is looking for new members!

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2' started by lBuckNasty29, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. lBuckNasty29

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    Feb 2, 2014
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    WeDP Gaming is now recruiting new members!

    WeDP Gaming is a new clan that is looking for motivated and active members. We have an active leadership core with years of experience in running and maintaining an organized clan. We have a fully functioning site with forums which I personally moderate daily. WeDP is here to cater to all gamers whether you just want some friends to party up with and pub stomp or if you want to join the competitive team and play some GameBattles. We will be participating in all clan wars and also be having monthly inner clan tournaments and give a ways. Here at WeDP we have a ranking structure for those who choose to want to move up into a position of leadership and be a part of helping this clan grow and spread. The ultimate vision of WeDP Gaming is to be more than just a clan but to build a gaming community, a family of people who share that same vision by being active, dedicated and skilled players.

    As this is a brand new clan that was founded on February 1st by myself I am also looking for players who have had experience or with clans or highly motivated individuals to help fill in the co-leader, general, drill sergeant, and recruitment officer roles.

    There are just a few requirements to join WeDP Gaming

    You must be at least 18+
    Must have a working mic to communicate well in game.
    Must be active on our site. We're trying to build a community. Not just a clan.
    Must be a team player where wins are more important than personal K/D.
    There will be a K/D requirement for the competitive teams.
    You must have a good attitude and are not a constant rager.
    Have a sense of humor and be fun to game with.

    So check out the site, register and submit an application and join the the brand new WeDP Gaming and help grow this clan into one of the best around!! Hope to see some of you on XBL soon!

    Visit us at

    Founder And Leader of WeDP Gaming

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