PAX East: Friday The 13th Gets New Map Added

by on 04/23/2016

At PAX East, Gun Media, the developers of the upcoming Friday the 13th game, revealed a new map that will be playable for gamers. It is set in the iconic Higgens Haven property that Jason was at during the third and fourth movies. You can see the reveal trailer below:

Also though, during the panel the team revealed how the stealth mechanic of the game will work, and even went on to note that Jason can “sense” the other counselors and track them down:

“We won’t say exactly what his abilities are, but he can sense fear,” he said.

Gun Media is still openly tweaking the game, even testing out new abilities and techniques to see if the game can get even better. The game itself is multiplayer, and features a group of players trying to survive against Jason, who is stalking them. The matches will be timed, and the team is actively trying to make sure it doesn’t become repetitive:

“Typically in a multiplayer game both sides wants conflict,” said Hobbs. “In this game, only one side wants conflict: Jason.”

Finally, the team noted hilariously that they’re going to incorporate certain iconic kills from the franchise into the game. Including one kill that was toned down from the movie.

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