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The Division Giving Out Credits For Bug Issues

by Todd Blackon 04/19/2016
During its most recently State of the Game Twitch steam. Ubisoft has revealed that those who have been affected by recent bug and glitches in The Division will receive 500 Phoenix Credits for their troubles. As well as ten high-end crafting materials. To be clear, the bugs they are compensating for are the bugs that […]

New Patch For The Division Is Erasing Characters

by Todd Blackon 04/13/2016
The Division’s latest patch, 1.1, was intended to fix several problems noted by gamers, including the fixing of daily missions which had been bugged as of late. However, once the patch went live, several gamers noted how their characters were being deleted as they tried to play the game. An entire Reddit forum has been […]

Watch_Dogs: The Primer

by Alex Beanon 05/15/2014
You want “Watch_Dogs” when it officially launches in two weeks – this much is established. But now you want to pre-order the video game like the knowledgeable video gamer that you are but your brain hurts when you see all the pre-ordering options. If you want all 23 perks currently associated with the game, good […]