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Gimple’s Big Hints For TWD Season Nine

by Peter Paltridgeon 04/17/2018
After the events of TWD’s Season Eight finale, is mutiny in the horizon for Alexandria and the Hilltop? After the defeat of the Saviors Rick’s gang is enjoying some hard-won peace, but how long will that last? Showrunner (to this point) Scott Gimple sat down with Vulture to answer a few pressing questions about what […]
58cf5536f2d0331f008b4741 1239 349x240 - Is This Daryl Or Dwight?

Is This Daryl Or Dwight?

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/20/2017
In the closing minutes of last Sunday’s episode, Rosita and Sasha attempted to rescue Eugene from Fort Negan, unaware that he had already been assimilated. When that failed, Sasha locked Rosita out of the compound and declared she was going after Negan alone, surely a suicide mission. Just when Rosita is trying to figure out […]


The Fourth Episode of TWD Season Seven Will Be Extra-Long

by Peter Paltridgeon 11/04/2016
This weekend the third episode of The Walking Dead’s seventh season will air. AMC has announced that the episode following it, the one that airs on November 13, will be super-sized. AMC says “Service,” episode 7.04 of The Walking Dead, will run for 85 minutes including commercials and stop at 10:25 (does this mean a […]
walking dead season 5 try large - Is Negan About To Become Daryl's New Best Friend?

Is Negan About To Become Daryl’s New Best Friend?

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/06/2016
That question sounds absolutely batty (Lucille-y) at first glance, but just bear with me. Why would anybody want to become Negan’s friend after what they just went through in the Season 6 finale (and what they’ll surely go through in Season 7)? The answer is found in the comics, where Negan does make a new […]

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Norman Reedus Hates Horses — Who Knew?

by Peter Paltridgeon 06/27/2016
Norman Reedus appeared on Conan recently, and mentioned one of the acts he refuses to perform unless absolutely necessary is horse-riding. The character of Daryl Dixon was originally written to have a horse instead of a motorcycle, but Reedus’s resistance forced a rewrite. It turns out Reedus doesn’t like horses because of their “big eyeballs” […]
allstars 349x240 - Walking Dead All-Stars To The Rescue

Walking Dead All-Stars To The Rescue

by Peter Paltridgeon 05/13/2016
Two actors from The Walking Dead were involved in a real-life rescue yesterday. It would seem last Thursday, as Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Steven Yeun (Glenn) were riding their motorcycles around Peachtree, GA near the Walking Dead set, they came across a car accident and immediately stepped off their hawgs to assist. A random passer-by […]

walking dead season 5 them - Norman Reedus Drops Hints on Daryl's Fate

Norman Reedus Drops Hints on Daryl’s Fate

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/28/2016
Last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead ended with a gun pointed at Daryl’s head, and his former “friend,” Crazy-Eyed Dwight, holding the trigger. The final second was blacked out, but we definitely heard a gunshot, followed by Dwight assuring an unspecified person that “you’ll be all right.” Probably not Daryl; it’s safe to assume […]
see a preview clip from next sun 349x240 - See A Preview Clip From Next Sunday's Episode, "Twice As Far"

See A Preview Clip From Next Sunday’s Episode, “Twice As Far”

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/18/2016
People are wondering…was it really Daryl’s motorbike he ran across at Negan’s compound? This newly-released clip from AMC offers definitive, undeniable proof that it is. Daryl’s reaction to the proof is priceless. Then he has a smoke with Carol. The clip lies below… “The Walking Dead” Episode 6.14 – “Twice As Far” (3/20/16) Alexandria is […]

zombies on hoverboards watch out 349x240 - Zombies On Hoverboards! Watch Out Daryl!

Zombies On Hoverboards! Watch Out Daryl!

by Alex Beanon 02/24/2016
Electric scooters are one thing – but watch out when the zombies find the hoverboards – as Daryl finds out on Jimmy Kimmel…
vjctqjl1 349x240 - That Famous Scene With Negan May Take A "Hard Left Turn"

That Famous Scene With Negan May Take A “Hard Left Turn”

by Peter Paltridgeon 02/17/2016
WARNING that this article contains comic book spoilers and may potentially contain spoilers for the show as well, assuming certain rumors are correct. And now I’ll continue typing for another sentence to clear the first few lines of text that automatically appear on the main page’s splash image. There, that oughta do it. In the […]