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Here’s When The Season Six Limited Edition Comes Out

by Peter Paltridgeon 09/15/2016
We now know when the Limited Edition version of The Walking Dead: Season Six will be released. Anchor Bay announced today shipments would be sold at retailers beginning November 1. MacFarlane Toys wasn’t given much to work with this season, as the show went for quantity over quality and crammed the screen with as many […]
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Walking Dead Season 6 Heading To Netflix Next Month

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/26/2016
We’re getting Season 6 of The Walking Dead on Netflix earlier than anyone thought. The company revealed their September release schedule today, and it shows that Season 6 will go live September 15. This is the earliest that a Walking Dead season has hit streaming. Season 3 was added to Netflix in 2013 on September […]

the walking dead episode 611 rick lincoln pre 800x600 349x240 - Andrew Lincoln's Thoughts On the Cliffhanger's Negative Reaction

Andrew Lincoln’s Thoughts On the Cliffhanger’s Negative Reaction

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/17/2016
By now word of the backlash from Season 6’s cliffhanger ending has hit the cast and crew several times over. EW asked Rick Grimes himself, Andrew Lincoln, what his reaction to the whole thing is. Lincoln doesn’t really venture into online discussion, partly for this very reason: it gets rough. “I sort of keep out […]
season six featurette 2 iconic w 349x240 - Season Six Featurette #2: Iconic Walkers

Season Six Featurette #2: Iconic Walkers

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/12/2016
Anchor Bay is releasing the bonus features from the upcoming Walking Dead Season Six Blu-Ray and DVD on YouTube, as an act of promotion for the sets. This time, it’s all about the Walkers. Each season of The Walking Dead has its unique and memorable zombie moments, and Season Six had one whopper of a […]

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Season Six Featurette #1: A Minute With Richonne

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/10/2016
Anchor Bay, the home video company that holds the contract to release The Walking Dead on disc, is leaking out the various featurettes and bonus interviews from the Season 6 Blu-Ray before the set actually releases. You might think this is foolhardy (why buy the cow when the milk is free, and all that) but […]
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Walking Dead Earning Less Than Expected For AMC

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/19/2016
The Walking Dead finished its latest season remaning the top #1-rated program on basic cable, but — in the kind of problem you find only in big business — it wasn’t ENOUGH of a #1 finish. Since AMC overestimated the revenue their shows would be bringing in, it’s now being forced to cut jobs. Deadline […]

TheWalkingDead S6 BLU 349x240 - Negan's Blue Mouth Will Be Uncut On The Walking Dead Season 6 Blu-Ray

Negan’s Blue Mouth Will Be Uncut On The Walking Dead Season 6 Blu-Ray

by Peter Paltridgeon 06/22/2016
It was rumored that Jeffrey Dean Morgan shot two versions of Negan’s big entrance for the Season 6 finale: one for AMC basic cable standards, and another with speech in line with the comic book version of Negan — who swore his head off. We can now confirm that rumor is true, because the Blu-Ray […]
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Henry Rollins Almost Got The Role Of Negan

by Peter Paltridgeon 06/16/2016
It turns out the lead singer of Black Flag was nearly cast as Negan on The Walking Dead. Kirkman has mentioned he based the character on Henry Rollins and his intimidating personality. Apparently they considered taking that inspiration into casting. During an interview with Forbes, Rollins told the story: Since I didn’t get the part […]


Robert Kirkman Can’t Be Trusted This Summer

by Peter Paltridgeon 05/26/2016
If there’s anything that’s become apparent from the last week of conversation between Robert Kirkman and his fans, it’s that when it comes to unresolved cliffhangers, we can’t believe a word this guy is saying. Earlier this month during a Reddit AMA, Kirkman casually and “accidentally” revealed Carl was the one who got his head […]
walking dead negan main Custom 349x240 - So What Happens When The Walking Dead TV Series Catches Up With The Comics?

So What Happens When The Walking Dead TV Series Catches Up With The Comics?

by Peter Paltridgeon 05/06/2016
The TV series reached the story point of issue 100 in the Walking Dead comic this past season. The comic itself is currently at issue 154. While the show has gone its own direction in many ways, it has overall stuck to the general outline of the comic’s story. Could the series be catching up […]