Ho Ho Ho! Free Holiday Gifts In Halo 5

by on 12/09/2015

Christmas has come early for Halo 5 players. If you regularly play the game, log in today and you might find a new REQ pack, courtesy of 343.
The developer tweeted this message today confirming the giveaway: “This year we’re giving the gift of REQs. Jump into Halo 5 to unwrap your present! Happy holidays to you & yours, from us at 343 Industries.”
One thing 343 hasn’t mentioned is what is exactly in these packs. Traditionally REQs include things like emblems, vehicles and weapon and armor skins, the latter of which could bear a special holiday theme. To find out, you’ll have to look….
The next big update to Halo 5 will be The Cartographer’s Gift expansion, which has been reported to add Forge mode, new multiplayer maps, and more than 30 new REQs.

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