The First Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Teaser Is Here

by on 02/08/2016

Fear The Walking Dead comes back in about two months and we still haven’t seen a single bit of what we’re in for. This new teaser from AMC still doesn’t reveal much, mostly consisting of half-a-second action shots from throughout Season 1. Then we get to the end…and it’s not a new scene, but it’s something interesting regardless. Watch for yourself, it’s only 15 seconds out of your day.

When they panned out to the ocean you expected to see a boat, didn’t you? Instead you saw the shadow of a plane. If there’s a plane still flying at this point, how? And where will it land?

Could it be the same plane that we saw in the Flight 462 shorts (which have yet to conclude)? If it is, it sure took a while to descend: the first season of FTWD started around the same time that plane took off and spanned several weeks afterward. So no, it’s probably NOT the same plane (but if it is, I want an explanation).

Fear The Walking Dead returns on April 10, two months after The Walking Dead finishes its sixth season.

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