Call Of Duty Title Update For March

by on 03/05/2014

Call Of Duty Title Update For March
Every month brings at least one new title update for “Call of Duty: Ghosts” and game-maker Infinity Ward – this is the title update for March with the new features, anti-cheats and fixes listed below…
New Features
o Allow Free Fall to be available for everyone.
o All challenges are now active operations at once.
o Main Menu layout update.
o Update to Gold Camo tracking. Now shows how many camos left to unlock Gold.
o Added Hunted Free For All leaderboard.
o Added Weapon Operations to the Operations menu.
o Removed tracker sight exploit on Warhawk.
o Prevents players from inappropriately modifying ‘kick’ messages.
o Anti-cheat tool updates.
o Made changes to Clan v Clan: Remove bomb timer sounds, and restrict Ghillie suit use.
o Fix for not allowing people in an eSports system link game from viewing third person.
o Fixes issue where CODCaster icon was erroneously showing up for remote players on a private match client machine.
o Fixed issue that could cause a user to get booted for repeatedly changing classes during match.
o Fixed issue where preset camera buttons were not working while the fullscreen map is up.
Additional Fixes
o Added LAN support.
o Kinect voice command fix for selecting game modes.
o Fixed incorrect messaging that could occur for local parties.
o Fix to destroy planted explosives if they are placed on top of a care package and then care package is claimed before explosive.
o Fix for players that switch teams to see correct colored notifications when their allies use kill streaks.
o Fix KD history not updating in team matches that expire on time.
o Fixed the title only displaying the first two characters of the user’s gamertag in a Private Match lobby when that user does not have the same map packs as host.
o Fixed weapon information in Player Card to allow proper weapons to be seen in clan details.
o Fixed minor graphical bug related to UI rendering.
o Various bug fixes regarding non-active controllers following invites.
o Fixed a thermal sight issues that could allow the user to skip the raise animation.
o Fix for player “Time Played” category overlapping text.
o Fixing issues where guest accounts can open the leaderboards menu.
o Fixed an issue where the challenge “Sponge III” was not tracking as expected.
o Fixed an issue where the XP points popup showed for kills in killcams.
o Fixed issue where monthly/all time filters didn’t work for the squads leaderboards.
o Fixed rare instance where player is unable to call out a killstreak or care package after earning.
o Casual mode added to Local and Solo matches – limited achievements available and no leaderboard posting.
o Hardcore Mode added to Local, Solo, and Custom Matches for Point of Contact and Nightfall.
o Numerous fixes to Nightfall.
o Reduced the radius for Explosive Ammo.
o Fixed a cash exploit while dropping money.
o Fixed a bad location on Nightfall for one of the Stay in the Marked Area challenges.
o Nightfall now properly tracks “Mission’s Completed” on the Player Card.
o Point of Contact and Nightfall Leaderboards now both properly track Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The columns were reversed in previous TUs.

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