Ubisoft Lists Currently Known Bugs In The Division

by on 05/27/2016

The bug issue within Ubisoft’s The Division has been well documented, as the game has been littered with bugs since launch, and only grows with each new update. To try and show they understand this, Ubisoft made a post on their forums about the bugs. Listing them out and linking them to sub-forums where they can be talked about between the development team and the gamers to ensure they get fixed, and that any loss of data can be undone.

Below is the list straight from the Ubisoft Forums:

“Here is the list of known bugs that are currently being investigated by the team. Note that unless listed in the Known Exploits list, encountering and using these bugs will not lead to disciplinary actions.

New with Update 1.2

[Gameplay] High Value Targets Farming
[Gameplay] Electronics store teleport
[Gameplay] Daily High Value Targets reset
[Gameplay] No Critical Search & Destroy
[Interface] Double UI Overlay
[Technical] Graphics distortion
[UI] Mark as Junk not working
[UI] Items DZ rank requirement change

[Gameplay] One is None

[Gameplay] DZ06 teleport

Under investigation

[Gameplay] Floating Weapons
[Gameplay] Falling Through Map
[Collectible] Echo Activation / Record
[Incursion] Missing Reward / Incursion
[Item] Paramedic bag
[Mission] Repeating Daily Hard/Challenging Missions
[Skill] Ballistic Shield
[Skill] Mobile Cover status
[Talent] Combat Medic
[Talent] Combat Medic & Smart Cover/Sticky Bomb
[Talent] Vigorous
[Talent] Tech Support & Pulse
[Interface] DZ Rank
[Interface] Uplay Friend Invites
[Connectivity] Disconnection Fast Travel
[Connectivity] Lag / Performance Dark Zone
[Connectivity] ROMEO error on first login
[Technical] CTD / Peripherals

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