The Walking Dead Joins Adult Coloring Book Craze

by on 01/05/2016

In the 2030s when people are reminiscing about the 2010’s, one of the fads that will surely be mentioned is adult coloring books. Premium cable properties like Game of Thrones and Outlander have received their own licensed coloring material recently, and now a certain zombie-centric series is about to get the same treatment. The Walking Dead coloring books will be based on Robert Kirkman’s original comic, not the TV series based on it.

How will they adapt the comic to coloring book form? You shouldn’t even have to ask: they’ll just blow up certain scenes from the issues, take out the word balloons and presto, an adult coloring book that costs them nearly nothing. The price, despite this, will be the same as your average TWD trade: $14.99.

It’s actually cheaper to just find a used copy of a TWD comic and attempt to color that one in. It’s the hope of Image and Skybound that none of their customers are smart enough to figure that out.

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