Fortnite Introduces “Performance Mode” For Older Computers

by on 12/14/2020

What’s the matter, friend? Is Fortnite chugging along on your Commodore 64? There’s good news…Epic has decided to lift the burden off older computers with a new graphics mode that increases the framerate by reducing graphical elements.

The mode lowers visual quality to take the load off the CPU and GPU. “For players already on low scalability settings or less powerful hardware, this mode will allow the game to run better than ever before and maintain a smoother framerate,” says Epic. If you’re already operating on minimum settings, you should receive a prompt recommending a switch to Performance Mode; otherwise you’ll be able to find it in the Video settings.

If that doesn’t do the trick, there’s this: players also now have the option of turning off high-resolution textures in Fortnite. Believe it or not, the hi-res texture files are so large that removing them reduces the size of Fortnite on your drive by 14 GB. By going to “Fortnite,” then “Options” in the Epic Games Launcher, you can switch off a box that says “High Resolution Textures” — and your job is done.

Now you know how to avoid Fortnite becoming a slideshow on ancient hardware. Sure, the characters onscreen may look like they belong on a PS3 fifteen years ago (or Cyberpunk 2077 running on a PS4 today), but it’s either this or digging out the cash for a better gaming rig. Your choice!

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