FPS Game Developer Purchased By Chinese Meat Company

by on 07/11/2016

So guess what? Splash Damage, a London-based game development studio, has been purchased by a Chinese company specializing in chicken meat products.
Leyou is the name of the corporation most experienced in shoving birds into a giant grinder — but given how volatile such an industry is, they would like to diversify. Leyou sees video games as the solution. “The global market for video games industry continued to experience healthy growth despite a slowing world economy,” they’ve said.
What you’re about to point out alongside of me is that AAA video game development has actually never been riskier than it is now, with expenses extremely high and games that make 20 million being called a failure because they didn’t make 50 million. Apparently Leyou doesn’t know that because it’s relying on Splash Damage to help them weather the “volatile and cyclical nature of the poultry business.”
Spalsh Damage is most famous for assisting iD Software on some of its titles like Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and the Wolfenstein series. It’s also developed the games Brink and Dirty Bomb.

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