Listen To The Sounds of The Future of War In This Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer

by on 07/08/2014


Yeah, more realistic visuals are great, but where would a Call of Duty game be without sound. Killing some fools would just lack that “oomph” if it sounded wrong.
This new video from Sledgehammer Games is a promise to get it right in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Don Veca, Audio Director for Sledgehammer Games, promises first-off a “huge improvement to the weapons,” an attempt to go beyond just recording a gun and to make it feel like the sound is going through your body, like you’re really there.
The thing about Advanced Warfare is that not all of the weapons are things exist. Veca said that even when dealing with sci-fi weapons, the team tried to keep a grip on realism.
“We would always start with something grounded and add new sounds that we created ourselves. Mix it in, layer things, so that you come up with something truly unique,” Veca said.
Veca also promises that sounds in Advanced Warfare will interact with the world, and the whole thing will sound “like a movie,” even though it is dynamically generated.

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