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The Walking Dead Fifth Season Finale “Conquer” Recap and Rating Poll

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/30/2015
Rate The Walking Dead Episode 516 ‘Conquer’ This is it! Everything this season has led Rick and company to their current precarious position in Alexandria, where it seems like the veneer of safety and civilization might be beginning to crack. What’s underneath, and more importantly, will Rick’s group survive it? Before we begin, remember to […]

The Walking Dead 515 ‘Try’ Recap and Rating Poll

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/22/2015
  Rate The Walking Dead Episode 515 ‘Try’ That Father Gabriel huh? Boo, hiss. What will the fallout from his confession be? How will the group deal with two deaths? Will Rick kill Pete? Let’s find out, but remember you can check out our special episode forum here at this link. Tonight’s episode picks up […]

Battlefield Hardline Kicks Off With Live-Action Trailer

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/17/2015
If you’ve got a big game launch you need a live-action launch trailer. I think that’s a law now. EA and Visceral Games’ attempt doesn’t disappoint, giving us an intense first-person look at the cops and robbers concept of the game. Battlefield Hardline is launching at midnight on March 17 on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox […]

Companion Series Will Start as Prequel, Then Catch Up

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/16/2015
The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman has revealed some new details about the upcoming The Walking Dead companion series. First off, don’t call it a prequel. “We have revealed that the time line is going to be taking place a little earlier then the time frame of the original show,” Kirkman told Polygon in an […]

Beth and Daryl

Robert Kirkman: Daryl Didn’t Love Beth in a Romantic Way

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/16/2015
We’re all talking about the crazy events of “Spend” on our forums, but I can’t let this one pass by. At the South By Southwest film festival in Austin over the weekend, The walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman opened his mouth and what came out crushed the dreams of a certain segment of Beth Greene […]

Walking Dead Pool Results! How Good Were Your Guesses? (SPOILERS for ‘Spend’)

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/16/2015
Two things that are the kiss of death on The Walking Dead? Sudden character development. An announcement that you’ve been cast on a new show. Tyler James Williams had both. He was recently announced as one of the stars of a Criminal Minds spinoff. And last night, after ignoring his character for several episodes, we […]

The Walking Dead 514 ‘Spend’ Recap and Rating Poll

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/15/2015
  Rate The Walking Dead Episode 514 ‘Spend’ The Alexandrians have had a relatively sheltered, cushy apocalypse so far. Our main group of survivors have, on the opposite extreme, wallowed in the blood and the misery and the pain. That leads to different ways of doing things, and that culture clash comes front and center […]

Sneak Peeks at The Walking Dead 514 ‘Spend’

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/13/2015
We’re getting down to the wire on this season of The Walking Dead, with just three episodes left to go. Rick and company seem to have found a good thing in Alexandria, but there’s menace in the air. We see some hints that things might be getting complicated for our survivors in this week’s sneak […]

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Titanfall 2 Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/13/2015
  Respawn Founder and CEO Vince Zampella has confirmed that a Titanfall sequel is coming, and this one won’t be an Xbox exclusive. Zampella told IGN that the sequel is in production. “I guess EA announced a sequel, so I could play coy and pretend I don’t know anything about it, or… yeah. So we’re […]
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Destiny Wins BAFTA Award For Best Game of 2014, Advanced Warfare and Titanfall Snubbed

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/13/2015
  Yeah, we’re kind of surprised, too. Don’t get us wrong, we love Destiny, but we thought maybe the British Academy of Film and Television Awards would favor something with more of a coherent story. Or any story. But there it is. At Thursday’s awards ceremony in London Destiny beat out critical darlings Dragon Age: […]