Seven Million Try the Battlefield Hardline Beta

by on 02/12/2015

The recent Battlefield Hardline beta drew more than seven million gamers to its high-tech cops and robbers experience.
Steve Papoutsis, vice president and general manager of Visceral Games, shared the numbers in a blog post. Papoutsis said he appreciated the “two-way communication” the beta set up with fans online and in social media and feedback would be considered before the game launches, even though that’s just a few weeks away.
“I can assure you we are. In fact, we’ve already been prioritizing changes for things fans are talking about. So you’ve still got a chance to be heard,” Papoutsis said.
Hardline, from EA and Visceral Games, features cops and criminals” gameplay and several classes, equipment, weapons, vehicles and battle pickups that can give your an advantage in a fight. There are also several new modes made to fit the urban warfare theme and a single-player campaign modeled after crime dramas.
The full game will be out March 17 on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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