Bioshock: The Collection Will Happen, We Just Don't Know When

by on 06/29/2016

It’s been rumored for months that 2K Games plans to publish remastered versions of all three Bioshock games (the original, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite), plus extra content, in one package. All we need to hear is the official confirmation, and WE GOT CLOSE today, but….not close enough.
Today 2K accidentally put up a page for Bioshock: The Collection on their website. The page is gone now, and it contained no details like a release date or list of extras, but it does confirm the entire Bioshock library to date will be inside. The main graphic was Columbia and Rapture viewed at the same time:
Neat, eh? Unfortunately it wasn’t supposed to go up yet and 2K has since removed the page. One additional image was recovered: tentative boxart.
The ESRB has already rated the game — it’s not only evident on the box, it was briefly listed on their website last April under Playstation 4, XBox One and PC versions. We don’t know when Bioshock: The Collection will be made available, we just know 2K should stop denying it now.

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