Boston Declared As Best City To Survive Zombie Apocalypse

by on 11/01/2015

You know it’s coming. The zombie apocalypse, that is. So if you already live in Boston, then good for you, and if you don’t – better make plans to load up the U-Haul and move there. Once just the best place if you wanted to dump your tea into a harbor, according to a study from job site, CareerBuilder, Boston is now the best city you can be in if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse based on factors such as population density, industrial resources, skilled labor concentration and medical facilities.

Top Five Cities

1. Boston
2. Salt Lake City
3. Columbus, Ohio
4. Baltimore
5. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Bottom Five Cities

1. New York
2. Tampa
3. Los Angeles
4. Riverside-San Bernardino, California
5. Chicago

In the study’s hypothetical zombie outbreak scenario, your “standard, flesh-eating virus” is released into the population and is “transmitted via biting or contact with infected blood.” Cities with particularly high concentrations of military, law enforcement and security personnel – fared well in the report’s rankings.

Top Five Cities Best Equipped for Defense

1. Virginia Beach
2. Atlanta
3. Baltimore
4. Washington, D.C.
5. Kansas City

Not only does Boston have the best chance of surviving the coming zombie apocalypse because of their infrastructure but also because of their ready access of medical organizations and personnel for potential cure development purposes.

Top Five Cities Most Likely to Find a Cure

1. Boston
2. San Francisco
3. San Diego
4. Indianapolis
5. Baltimore

Not surprisingly, tightly packed urban cities like New York, Chicago and Philadelphia are good for zombies but bad for virus containment – cities that are more spread out are deemed much better for stemming zombified virus-gone-wild scenarios.

Top Five Cities Best Equipped for Containment

1. Denver
2. Houston
3. Salt Lake City
4. Seattle
5. Detroit

Of course, as any survivalist nut worth their nutball status knows, you will need a good supply of food when the Nazi zombies invade and you’re safely in your bunker. In a somewhat perplexing development, Grand Rapids, Michigan – not exactly noted as the breadbasket nor the garden spot of America – comes out on top as the best place to bury yourself underground with a bunch of food.

Top Five Cities With The Best Food Supply

1. Grand Rapids
2. Columbus
3. Rochester, New York
4. Memphis
5. Buffalo

The Full Rankings

1. Boston
2. Salt Lake City
3. Columbus
4. Baltimore
5. Virginia Beach, Virginia
6. Seattle
7. San Diego
8. Kansas City, Missouri
9. Denver
10. Indianapolis
11. Washington, D.C.
12. Grand Rapids, Michigan
13. Sacramento, California
14. Richmond, Virginia
15. Houston
16. Birmingham, Alabama
17. Pittsburgh
18. Atlanta
19. San Jose, California
20. Hartford, Connecticut
21. Memphis, Tennessee
22. San Francisco
23. Raleigh, North Carolina
24. Portland, Oregon
25. Buffalo, New York
26. Minneapolis
27. Orlando, Florida
28. Oklahoma City
29. Louisville, Kentucky
30. San Antonio
31. New Orleans
32. Dallas
33. Nashville, Tennessee
34. Rochester, New York
35. St. Louis
36. Charlotte, North Carolina
37. Cincinnati
38. Austin, Texas
39. Phoenix
40. Cleveland
41. Detroit
42. Tucson, Arizona
43. Philadelphia
44. Las Vegas
45. Providence, Rhode Island
46. Milwaukee
47. Jacksonville, Florida
48. Miami
49. Chicago
50. Riverside-San Bernardino, California
51. Los Angeles
52. Tampa, Florida
53. New York City

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