Call of Duty Vets Form Reload Studios

by on 07/15/2014

A group of developers with some serious Call of Duty chops have formed the cleverly named Reload Studios, according to a recently published website for the company.
The group includes four former Infinity Ward employees, namely Reload co-founders James Chung and Taehoon Oh, Pete Blumel, and Hougant Chen, all of whom have worked on various Call of Duty games.
Another member, Nik Ranieri, is a former Disney animator who worked on films such as the Little Mermaid.
So what will Reload work on? Virtual Reality games seem to be the company’s main focus.
“When I first saw what the latest round of VR devices could do, I realized these were not just peripherals but brand new platforms that could transform the way we experience, interact with and create media,” said Chung in a press release on the company’s site. “It was the perfect time to follow my passion and bring together the most talented people I know under one roof to form a development culture that promotes creativity and collaboration.”
“People are always looking for something new,” added Oh. “Just as smartphones changed the way we live our lives, I am sure VR will change the way people experience media content.  As a game developer, this realization compelled me to become part of a new team that focuses on developing VR content.”
So we’ve got talented FPS shooter guys dedicated to VR? Exciting stuff. This company may be one to watch in the future. You can follow it on Twitter at @reload_studios.

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