Destiny Player Gets a Scary Surprise

by on 08/07/2014


This Destiny player’s friends either don’t want to spoil the surprise of one of the game’s spookiest moments, or they’re kind of jerks. At any rate, they let their friend take point and walk down the dark hallways in one of the beta missions and right into, well, you know what, I’m not going to spoil it either. Watch the video.
This video is one of the best examples I’ve seen yet of how much fun the co-op experience of the Destiny beta can be. Exploring with other people and taking on the challenges and surprises the game throws at you isn’t at the core of the experience. You can in fact play it as a lonely gamer who won’t offer even a wave emote to his fellow man, I saw more than one player like that in the beta. But the human connection certainly enhances it.

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