Next Game From Bioshock Creator Ken Levine Will Be "Highly Creative"

by on 11/19/2015

In 2014, Ken Levine left and shut down his Irrational Games studio in 2014 after he turned in Bioshock Infinite and its DLC chapters. As this happened, Levine made remarks implying the AAA development process had become too gigantic and risk-averse, and that he wanted to try something with a smaller team next. Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, spoke today at the MKM Partners Investor Day conference in New York City about these events and what they mean today. For one thing, it didn’t mean the death of Bioshock, a brand he intends to keep alive. “The franchise is in the hands of 2K,” he said. “They’ll make announcements in due time about any upcoming releases. But BioShock is unquestionably a permanent franchise for our company and one that we do believe in.”
As for Mr. Levine’s secret project, Zelnick buttoned his lip. “I’m not going to steal Ken’s thunder, but we’re thrilled to be in business with Ken,” Zelnick said. “What I can say is you would expect that Ken would work on something highly creative and innovative. I think that would be a reasonable expectation for whatever he does next.”
We don’t know much about Ken Levine’s new project, and this remark didn’t add very much info. As for what clues do exist, Levine has said in the past his game would run on Unreal Engine 4 and be about “fluid relationships.” A wife-swapping game? That WOULD be creative.

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