Solve This Division Problem: Characters Being Subtracted

by on 05/25/2016

Guess what the 1.2 update to Ubisoft’s The Division did? Yup, it introduced another bug.
Players are reporting on sites like Reddit and the Ubisoft forums that their characters have disappeared without a trace. This isn’t a new bug; it was actually the first one Division players had to deal with, and it’s now resurfaced. At the time, Ubisoft claimed characters were disappearing due to a server error. Whatever’s causing it this time has yet to be determined.
Ubisoft’s community manager Natachai reached out to forum members, asking for their usernames so she could investigate the problem. Last time it was advised not to make new characters because that progress would be erased once the bug was fixed. Just to be safe, don’t touch The Division until Ubisoft gives the all-clear. (But expect something else to happen.)
At this point, it would really help to know what is going on back there. Are these glitches slipping through due to a disorganized dev team? Is it due to enforced crunch and unreasonable deadlines? Given that the bugs keep happening I would guess that the one truly responsible is too high up to be fired. If that’s the case, this won’t end well — for players or the company.

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