There Was A Giant Kaiju Fight In Fortnite Today

by on 07/20/2019

Why were two giant monsters battling each other on the Fortnite map this afternoon? Did Pacific Rim 3 come out and no one else tell us?

It’s not a tie-in for any movie or TV series. It was simply a kaiju fight in Fortnite. The two creatures towered over the battlefield and players could not affect their actions in any way. Their one interest was each other.

One was a giant robot that emerged from the volcano, the other was a massive sea creature that had been spotted swimming around the shores since Season 9 began. Today the sea creature finally crawled out of the water and started making its way across the map, and the robot climbed out of the volcano…and they started going at it.

The robot and the lizardlike creature traded blows for a while, throwing each other across the fields, and it looked to be a draw until the lizard literally gained the upper hand by tearing off one of the robot’s arms. But the robot thought quickly, using its existing arm to throw an energy orb from Loot Lake at the creature. The robot then finished the job in style by grabbing the fountain at Tilted Tower — which actually turned out to be the hilt of a sword — and slayed the beast. The robot then left.

Normally massive event like these change the topography in some way, but nothing seems to be different in Fortnite for now. The next season is bearing down upon us, though, so that will change. For those who missed the event, Polygon captured the fight on a live feed, which is embedded below.

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