A Big Hint Has Been Dropped For Walking Dead Season Seven

by on 04/13/2016

Thanks to another accident, we may know what the next major set piece will be when Season Seven of The Walking Dead rolls around an eternity from now.

National Pet Day was yesterday, and Skybound Entertainment — the production company behind all things Walking Dead — Facebooked out a drawing from the TWD comic of a man in a robe carrying a tiger on a chain leash. It was originally captioned with “You’ll get to meet Ezekiel and Shiva soon enough.” Hours later, that tweet was edited to say “We hope you’re loving your pet as much as Ezekiel loves Shiva!” Too late — we saw it.

Ezekiel is the leader of The Kingdom, another large community in the Walking Dead world, and Shiva is his pet tiger. Given that the show has mostly followed the comic’s storyline in chronological order, The Kingdom should be the next community to be revealed. This also confirms that the two men in armor that Carol and Morgan met the season finale came from The Kingdom.

So now the question becomes if they’re going to be using a live tiger on set, or rather, if AMC will foot the insurance premium for such a beast. Showrunner Scott Gimple has suggested he would prefer to use a non-CG cat. “Can we have a real tiger? That’s a great way to put the questions to me because it sort of corners me into a spoiler. I would say, in a really cheeky way, that we can have a lot of things and people are gonna have to wait and see. If I were just watching the show – I’d want to see that tiger.”

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