Where’s Tobias? Showrunner Dave Erickson Answers FTWD Questions

by on 03/04/2016

Yahoo TV had a chat with Dave Erickson, showrunner for Fear The Walking Dead, about the upcoming second season. There are a lot of questions viewers have. What kind of danger can you get into on a boat? How did Madison adapt to a survivalist lifestyle so well? And more importantly, what happened to Tobias, the promising, well-prepared character from the high school who only appeared in the second episode? Will we ever see that guy again? Here are the most revealing quotes from that interview…..

The zombies may start to look a little more like zombies Season 1, if you broke it down, we were about two to three weeks into the apocalypse. We’ve got some time where there’s going to be a number of our dead who are a little bit more desiccated. Then there’s going to be a number that have been exposed to salt water and to the elements, to the heat outside. We’ll be seeing an evolution with the look of our dead.

What’s so threatening about being on a boat? There’s nothing that freaks me out more than the idea of being stuck in the middle of the ocean with no land anywhere and feeling completely emotionally and physically adrift. They’re on this journey, and the hope is they find a place, that they find a home. I think there’s danger and fear that go with that search, obviously, because the risk is that there may not be a place to land, ever. They don’t really know.

They’re going to quickly realize that it’s really no safer on the ocean than it is on land. They’re going to be caught between the vast expanse of the Pacific and then the dangers that wait for them back on land. It’s them trying to find a balance between those two things.

We may find out more about the backstories to some of these characters I think we have a number of characters who have rather complicated stories to tell, Madison, Strand, Daniel… we’re looking at finding the most elegant ways to go deeper into those stories.

Where’s Tobias? I cannot promise that in the body of the season. I can say this: I love Lincoln [A. Castellanos] as an actor, and I love that character. I know he is a fan favorite, and I am trying to figure out a dynamic by which we can get to tell the Tobias story. I am exploring it, and I can’t promise anything, but I am exploring it.

Read the full interview at Yahoo TV.

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