Viral Campaign Hints At Black Ops 3 Reveal

by on 04/08/2015

On Monday, the console editions of Call of Duty: Black Ops II were updated, for seemingly no reason. Players could find virtually no differences at all between the game pre-patch and the game post-patch, except for one element: there was now a sticker on some of the posters, with a ghost on it.
It turned out the stickers were Snapchat friend request codes, meant to be scanned in with a smartphone and the Snapchat app. Once scanned, the code took the curious to a 10-second video on Call of Duty’s own Snapchat account. Cryptic and bizarre, the only images are a close-up of a blinking eye, a shot of a wooded area, and finally, a single tree surrounded by snow. Also, some old man tells you to listen to his voice.

It feels like just a snip from a larger video, possibly a trailer, and likely is. We do know another Call of Duty game is coming (because the apocalypse would basically have to happen to prevent it), and that the Black Ops studio, Treyarch, is creating the next game in the series. It would stand to reason, then, that this is the beginning of a viral campaign for Black Ops 3. Unless the name of the game will actually be “Call of Duty: Eyeballs and Trees.”
Viral campaigns seem to be trendy again, if this and Halo running one at the same time are any indication. If anything new turns up from these sources, we will keep you in the know.

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