Watch Dogs 2 Confirmed Through Sunglasses

by on 06/01/2016

It’s not exactly a shock or even a secret that Ubisoft will be rolling out a Watch Dogs 2 at some point. Even though the reception to the original game wasn’t positive, the French developer (currently battling a hostile takeover from fellow Parisian software giant Vivendi) wants to take another shot at making a franchise out of it. They haven’t spoken any official words, but it’s been assumed Watch Dogs 2 would show up at E3, probably in the form of a “surprise” trailer during a Sony or Microsoft conference.
Now we know for sure something like that will happen, due to…sunglasses. A YouTube Let’s Player who goes by the handle TheRadBrad was mailed a promotional item from Ubisoft: a pair of shades with the Watch Dogs 2 logo on them. Here they are, with said logo revealed for the first time:
Cj4qQC2WEAExiOE.jpg large - Watch Dogs 2 Confirmed Through Sunglasses
“Thanks @Ubisoft for the Watch Dogs 2 gift box,” Brad said. Did Ubisoft think no one would notice? Unlikely….Brad has over six million followers on YouTube. This was an intentional leak.
And they might as well; everybody knows it’s coming anyway. We’ll have much more than sunglasses-related news to talk about later this month.

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