A Battlefield Pinball Game Could've Been A Thing

by on 06/21/2016

Up to this point the most adventurous EA and DICE’s Battlefield series has gotten is recreating World War I. Has the team ever considered doing something REALLY crazy? Maybe. At E3, producer Aleks Grandall had a discussion wih Gamespot and the topic came up about the kind of pitches that have been made over the years for new Battlefield games.
Gamespot asked about a Battlefield kart racer or tournament fighter, and Grandall just laughed and said “I don’t think we got that crazy.” However, they WERE considering a Battlefield pinball game at one point, he confessed.
“There was talk about a pinball game; a Battlefield pinball game back in the day,” he said. “I seem to have some vague memories of that now that you mention it. I have to figure out what happened with that because that sounds kind of awesome.”
They have the experience to pull it off. Before DICE became known for shooters and parkour action games in brightly-colored yet oppressive cities, it was the 90’s and their studio output was mostly pinball simulators for the PC. Some of their titles include Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies, and Pinball Illusions. Their last pinball title was True Pinball, released in 1996.

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