Bungie 'Gobsmacked' By Destiny Beta Turnout

by on 07/29/2014

According to Bungie Community Manager Eric Osborne, the Destiny team is “gobsmacked by the numbers” of people who tried out the recently ended beta.
Okay, you see, a gob is Irish slang for mouth, and to be gobsmacked is to be hit in the mouth, which is obviously surprising and shuts one up, so it’s another way of saying struck silent or …
Never mind. It means there was a crapload. How big a crapload, Bungie isn’t saying exactly, but they’re definitely happy about the user interest.
“The Destiny beta was a tremendous success from where we sat overlooking the Tower,” Bungie said on Facebook. “If you played, Bungie thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. We learned so much about our game, and how we can make it better.”
Bungie gave players a nice surprise on Saturday, unlocking one of the Moon levels for a few hours, as you can see in the pic captured by player Lars Bakken above. Much of the Moon beyond what was involved in the mission was also explorable, and players that took the time to poke around found an enormous underground chamber that bodes well for the size and scope of the game.
Destiny launches Sept. 9 for PS3 and PS4 and Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
[Source: GameSpot]

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