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Create Your Own Walking Dead Avatar Using Facebook

by on 10/10/2011

the walking dead facebook app - Create Your Own Walking Dead Avatar Using Facebook

AMC is getting ready for the second season of their television show The Walking Dead, and now your can make your own avatar. They just came out with an awesome Facebook app that allows you to create your very own avatar that is themed around the show, called “Spread the Dead”. You can choose to either make a survivor or a zombie. Then you are able to choose a number of different design elements, many which you would never think of.

You have the option of selecting your clothes, neck, hair, jacket, hands, arms, shirts, pants shoes, and even socks. Then you can go ever further and select various colors and really make your avatar unique and of your own. There is also the option to choose the sizes of your head and neck, and even rotate the head. After creating your new character, you go on to choose the background they are pictured on. There are 15 backgrounds to choose from. Finally, you can pick the name for your newly generated avatar.

The Walking Dead Avatar Generator

The Walking Dead season 2 begins on October 16th and will be premiered worldwide. The show which really took off last year, will now take fans on a whole new adventure as the survivors leave Atlanta and head for the countryside. We are expected to see new characters, and a new setting, and new problems arise between the characters. Now that we are less than a week away, we can anticipate the hype to continue to grow. If you want to create an avatar for yourself and help “Spread the Dead”, then get started now.

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