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The Walking Dead: March To War Game Coming Later This Year

by Peter Paltridgeon 01/31/2017
The next mobile phone game to use Kirkman’s characters will be The Walking Dead: March to War, app developer Disruptor Beam announced today. It’s a story-driven multiplayer strategy game, based on the comic book. Players must fight alongside and against others for control of scarce resources in and around a devastated Washington D.C., while fending […]
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Halo Channel Mobile App Now Tracks Halo 5 Stats

by Peter Paltridgeon 10/26/2015
If you’re the type who really, really, really cares about your stats in Halo, enough to need a mobile app that keeps track of them, we have good news for you: Microsoft has now updated the Halo Channel mobile app to be compatible with Halo 5. The Halo Channel app syncs up with your account […]

Dead Yourself Picture App – Turn Yourself Into Your Own Zombie

by Jakobion 02/17/2013
The Dead Yourself picture app allows you to take a photo and turn yourself into a walker just like in the AMC television show The Walking Dead. Now, you don’t just have to “Dead Yourself”, but you can also dead your pets as well. In order to create your own zombie, all you have to do is to login […]

The Walking Dead: Left Behind Facebook App!

by Jackon 02/04/2012
FX has been working on a Facebook app for The Walking Dead and it has been released! The app is an interactive game and guess what, you’re the character! That’s right, if you connect to the app via Facebook it puts you into the action. The game is quite freaky and the character is put […]

Create Your Own Walking Dead Avatar Using Facebook

by Jakobion 10/10/2011
AMC is getting ready for the second season of their television show The Walking Dead, and now your can make your own avatar. They just came out with an awesome Facebook app that allows you to create your very own avatar that is themed around the show, called “Spread the Dead”. You can choose to either make […]