Destiny Rolling Out Vault of Glass Today

by on 09/16/2014

Today Bungie and Activision are rolling out the first major in-game event for Destiny, a raid on Venus called Vault of Glass. Vault of Glass is one of several events planned for this month and next.
Vault of Glass is the game’s first six-player raid and is open to players level 26 and above. It’s designed to be tough end-game content where you have to work together closely with your squad to survive. Because of this, raids don’t support matchmaking, so if you don’t have five Destiny-playing friends you’ll have to make some.
“Raids introduce the sixth activity to Destiny, in which players will have to battle their way through intense encounters the likes of which they have yet to experience in the game,” said Harold Ryan, Bungie president, in a press release. “It’s humbling to see millions of guardians enjoying Destiny already. We can’t wait for people to experience this exciting, new way to play the game and are committed to continuing to deliver new experiences to the Destiny community.”
Other upcoming Destiny events include:
• The launch of the Combined Arms playlist this weekend, which includes two game modes on vehicle maps.
• Queen’s Wrath, Destiny’s first timed event, which includes new loot, bounties, and mission modes to unlock and runs from Sept. 23 to Oct. 6.

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