Destiny's Crota's End Raid Gets a Hard Mode Next Week

by on 01/16/2015

Bungie has announced the Crota’s End Hard Mode will be available around 10 AM PT on Wednesday, Jan. 21.
Looking for a challenge? Thought Crota was too easy? Just a masochist? Either way, it will work out. Bungie has been working to close some of the cheesy exploits that make killing Crota a cakewalk too. Of course, Guardians will always find new ones as we’ve seen in the ever-more-elaborate search for loot caves.
The new update raises the level cap from 32, setting level 33 as “the new bar to clear” for the raid.
Players that have the patience to get this high and the skill to kill Crota will be rewarded with some of the game’s highest level loot, including: weapons that can reach a maximum attack level of 331; the Crux of Crota, an upgrade that transforms Eidolon Ally into an intense auto-rifle called Necrochasm; and a scary-looking ship called Bane of the Dark Gods.
There’s also an exclusive color palette to earn, called Glowhoo. Great stuff for bragging rights for what seems to be the game’s hardest challenge so far.

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