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destiny meets minecraft in crota 349x240 - Destiny Meets Minecraft in Crota's End Recreation

Destiny Meets Minecraft in Crota's End Recreation

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/05/2015
This obsessively accurate Minecraft recreation of Destiny’s toughest raid, Crota’s End, almost has us scared to play. For those who haven’t checked out Destiny yet, Crota’s End is meant to be one of the game’s ultimate challenges. It’s a tough raid that can take hours to complete, even if you have a good team and […]
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Destiny's Crota's End Raid Gets a Hard Mode Next Week

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/16/2015
  Bungie has announced the Crota’s End Hard Mode will be available around 10 AM PT on Wednesday, Jan. 21. Looking for a challenge? Thought Crota was too easy? Just a masochist? Either way, it will work out. Bungie has been working to close some of the cheesy exploits that make killing Crota a cakewalk […]

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Destiny's First Hot Fix of The Year Now Live

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/12/2015
Bungie has done a bit of cleanup in Destiny, removing some cheesy exploits players have been using to beat the boss in Crota’s End and getting the game ready for an new Iron Banner event starting tomorrow. Here are the full patch notes for today’s hot fix, which should be live now: Activity Rewards Fixed […]
schedule - Next Destiny Update Fixes Crota's End, Spices Up the Crucible

Next Destiny Update Fixes Crota's End, Spices Up the Crucible

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/09/2015
  Bungie has a Destiny patch coming next week that will fix some bugs in Crota’s End, add some variety to the Crucible and make Vault of Glass more rewarding. The patch fixes some buggy behavior in Crota’s End, including getting rid of a glitch or two that could be used to make it cheesier. […]