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Black Ops 4 Goes Green

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/13/2019
Why are green-colored objects and leprechauns invading Black Ops 4 this week? A bigger question is…why does America have a national holiday celebrating Ireland? For whatever reason, we must cover our clothes, storefront windows and video games in green stuff every March 17 or we’ll be harassed by strangers with an itching for pinching. However […]
AMC TWD Gallery  Zombies Upshot 1745gn V1 - AMC Warns Satellite Viewers Could Lose 'The Walking Dead'

AMC Warns Satellite Viewers Could Lose ‘The Walking Dead’

by Shawn Hopkinson 11/04/2014
I’m sure you saw it if you were watching The Walking Dead on AMC Sunday night. It was very hard to miss. Big blaring messages during “Slabtown” warning that satellite customers could lose access to AMC and, more importantly to us, new episodes of The Walking Dead. The messages were AMC’s way of playing hardball […]