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Vivendi Is Selling Half Its Stake in Call of Duty Publisher Activision Blizzard

by Shawn Hopkinson 05/22/2014
Various media outlets are reporting that French media company Vivendi is selling half its remaining interest in Activision Blizzard, the company that publishes your favorite shooters and also has its hands in little indie games you may have heard of, like the Skylanders series and World of Warcraft. It’s selling 41.5 million of its remaining shares […]
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Activision-Blizzard Takes Its Money And Runs

by Alex Beanon 07/26/2013
When French media parent company Vivendi was rumored to be thinking about taking three billion dollars from the four billion dollar offshore piggy bank accounts of Activision-Blizzard [creators of the massively popular “Call of Duty” video game series] to help pay off their whopping $17 billion dollar debt, A-B decided instead, that they would take […]