The Gjallarhorn Is For Sale Today In Destiny

by on 08/14/2015

For those who don’t know, the most prized weapon in the entire world of Bungie’s Destiny is the Gjallarhorn, an exotic-looking rocket launcher. It’s massively popular among Destiny fans for its size and power, and its ability to make hash of some bosses, like Crota.
The Gjallarhorn can be hard to obtain in most cases, unless the traveling merchant Xur, who only opens his wares for business once a week, is selling it. He has only sold it once before. Today is the day he’s selling it again.
The timing doesn’t bode well for some players. The middle of August is a likely time to be on vacation and away from your console. Some Destiny gamers have taken to social media to complain, or to beg their friends to log into their accounts and buy the weapon.
If you have the currency (you need 17 Strange Coins) and you know where to find Xur (he’s in the bar, near the jukebox), then go get yourself a Gjallarhorn. The item will only be available until 1 AM Eastern on Sunday, or 11 PM Pacific on Saturday, at which point Xur will leave and take his remaining Gjallarhorns with him.

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