The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor

by on 04/28/2011

the rise of the governor - The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor

Well with the second season of The Walking Dead starting in October, fans can get a an early start with The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor.  Coming this September 27th is a new  release by Robert Kirkman along with Jay Bonansinga, the author, that features one of The Walking Dead’s most infamous villians, “The Governor”.  The release of the Rise of the Governor novel is timed perfectly as it will add more hype and media coverage to the highly anticipated fall release of the record breaking TV show, The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor is the first part of a Jay Bonansinga’s three part novel series that goes into detail and the life of “Philip” who is better known as “The Governor“.  While we do not expect to see “The Governor” in season 2 of The Walking Dead, is sure sets up the backdrop to possibly bring him in at some point in season 3.  The Rise of the Governor shows the readers how a man went from being “Philip”, to one of the most cold hearted beings that the story line has seen.

“The Governor” comes to play in The Walking Dead when the survivors group finds the prison where he is actually feeding live humans to zombies in a sort of sport like atmosphere that provides entertainment to the people in his Woodbury compound.  Amazon has Rise of the Governor available for pre-order at $16.49 which would be a great addition to anyone’s collection of The Walking Dead merchandise.  While the rumors of when and who will play “The Governor” in The Walking Dead series is still open, there is the thought that Daryl’s brother Merle might be a good pick.

These novels might move fast due to the popularity of the show, so if you want a copy of The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor, get out there any pre-order a copy today.  The 320 page novel will certainly feed the hunger of fans for more of the series, and there will be plenty of time to read Rise of the Governor before season 2 even starts.

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