The Walking Dead Zombie Rules by AMC

by on 06/29/2011

amc twitter - The Walking Dead Zombie Rules by AMC

When season 1 of The Walking Dead was getting ready to premiere last year AMC began to Tweet some zombie rules that I thought I would pass on.  While it has been almost a year since these were Tweeted, we might begin to see some more soon as they get ready to unleash the second season.  They begin to Tweet the rules during the month of October in 2010 and they would every so often release another rule, and so we listed them just in case you missed them.

Rule #1: Ability to run is based on the amount of time a zombie has been undead, and how much decay has set in.

Rule #2: Zombies decay but at a much slower rate than humans, and it’s still possible to differentiate between young and old zombies.

Rule #3: Zombies are like lions: if they’ve eaten, you can walk by them without fear, but a pack of hungry zombies will attack you.

Rule #4: The quickest speed of any zombie is a shambling run. see Night of the Living Dead. NO sprinters exist.

Rule #5: Zombies are not dexterous. They cannot pick up or use any items more complex than a rock or a stick.

Rule #6: Zombies have poor eyesight but they do have a strong sense of smell. (Let’s not forget a good sense of hearing as well.)

Rule #7: Zombies cannot speak but can communicate by pack mentality.  The herd tends to move together if they sight food. (should be smell and or    hear food)

Rule #8: There is no overt recognition of people or places, there is a sense of familiarity that can dictate where a zombie moves.

Rule #9: There’s no known cause of the zombie mutation, but it’s suspected to be a virus or infection.

So with season 2 of The Walking Dead getting closer and closer we shall see if they decide to start Tweet some more rules for us fans to take amusement to.  In the meantime while we potentially wait for some more zombie rules, we can sit back and enjoy knowing that there is more The Walking Dead coming and it will be here before we know it.

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