This Time, The Division's New Patch Bugged Out Before Ubisoft Could Apply It

by on 06/02/2016

There are some animals that just can’t be tamed — bears, tigers, alligators. They can be controlled under the care of a professional trainer, but they can never be truly tamed. The Division is basically an alligator at this point.
Players were expecting a new patch to fix the latest issues with The Division to arrive today during the maintenance downtime. It didn’t show, and Ubisoft later left a post on their official forums explaining what happened. They tried putting the patch in, but The Division just growled and tried to bite them.

“Prior to deployment, it has been found that the patch was unsuccessful and has been delayed. As such, today’s maintenance will finish early (approximately 12pm CEST).
This also means that the deployment of the Clear Sky Challenge Mode has been delayed for the time being as well.
We will share more info on when the patch will be deployed and what it contains as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience.”

You’re welcome!
So the question now is….would you pay to see a feature film based on The Division starring Jake Gyllenhall?

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