Lauren Cohan May Be Dropping Hints At Maggie’s Future

by on 01/15/2016

TV actress Lauren Cohan, best known as Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead, appeared in a new short interview with Entertainment Tonight which can be seen and heard here (warning: video auto-plays). Cohan told the ET reporter that fans should be “worried” about Maggie’s future.

“We should definitely be as concerned as we always are about the safety of our characters,” Cohan said. As for her marriage to Glenn, which was nearly cut short if not for a dumpster, “We’ve got some roller coasters ahead of us but fans will be, I think, pretty gripped with the drama that’s to come.”

Cohen was really there to promote her new horror flick The Boy, about a nanny who is hired to care for a little child — who turns out to be a porcelain doll his grieving parents are using to replace their dead son. It turns out his spirit is in the doll, of course. She must follow a set of rules regarding the doll, or the boy will get angry and you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Creepy premise on paper, but I hope it’s not as embarrassing in execution as the trailers are making it look.

My take on Cohan’s hints are that they prove Maggie survives the season, because it sounds like she’s trying to imply her character dies, and if that were actually the case she would get in huge trouble with the producers for implying it. It’s a false lead.

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